Maternal Sheep

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Performance Recorded Blackface sheep are produced by a group of Scottish Blackface breeders that are progressive and committed and have been performance recording for many years.  They have been linking flocks since 1993 with Sire Referencing, so determining the most productive sheep from a large gene pool.

All members record using the Signet Sheepbreeder Scheme and use the Hill 2 index.

Alongside this most members have operated a strict selection process to minimise

  • Lambing problems
  • Footrot
  • Daggs


All members when they started recording had the primary aim of improving their own stock and improving the returns of their sheep enterprise, and that is still the main aim. However, as interest in recorded sheep has increased and demand for recorded animals continues to grow, members have started to sell increasing numbers of Performance Recorded animals.


What is Performance Recording?

A look at this Scottish Sheep Strategy page gives a simple explanation

Why use Performance Recorded Rams?

As the selection emphasis is on the Maternal traits, by using performance recorded hill sheep, the commercial hill farmer will have a sheep stock that are

  • Better mothers
  • More milky
  • Produce heavier lambs
  • Have lambs with improved carcases


Work done by the Scottish Sheep Strategy (2010) has shown that daughters off a ram with high maternal Estimated Breeding Values will produce an extra £11 per year compared to those from a low index ram.

The improvements already made in member’ EBV’s can be seen in the Genetic Trend graphs on this Signet page.



Where can I get a Performance Recorded Ram?

Most members will have Rams for sale on the farm that are naturally reared and have not been pushed on for shows or sales and therefore will not melt when taken home. Some rams will also be available at the traditional Blackface ram sales. See the map on this site for members’ details and what stock they have for sale.

Signet produces a Breed Benchmark each year so that you can compare the sheep you are interested in.


Details and pedigree’s of all recorded sheep can be found on the BASCO website


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